Expert & Compassionate Breast Care & Vein Care in Columbia County New York & The Hudson Valley

Our Philosophy:

Personalized Care

  • We serve you promptly, respectfully, and compassionately during evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • We see you within 24-48 hours if you have suspicious mammogram, ultrasound, palpable mass, or other urgent problem.
  • We perform a diagnostic procedure (e.g. ultrasound/stereotactic biopsy) within one week, with results in 24-48 hours
  • We will call you with results and discuss the treatment plan at a follow-up visit.

Newly Diagnosed Cancer Survivors

  • We assume full responsibility for your coordinated multidisciplinary care.
  • We schedule pre-op imaging (such as breast MRI), as necessary, within one week of diagnosis
  • We perform genetic testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancers, if indicated.
  • We arrange for pre-op medical clearance and consultation with a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and plastic surgeon, as appropriate, within one week of diagnosis.
  • We schedule surgery within two weeks, if appropriate.
  • We arrange post-surgery follow-up visits.
  • We support you with all of our resources to encourage and empower you to receive fully integrated cancer care.


Why choose a
fellowship trained surgeon?

A fellowship-trained breast surgeon is a general surgeon who has completed additional training focused on breast diseases, both benign and malignant. This specialization includes training in diagnostic radiology, breast pathology, psychosocial aspects of a cancer diagnosis, plastic surgery, medical oncology, and radiation oncology. A fellowship-trained breast surgeon takes a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to keep a woman as whole as possible while aggressively treating breast cancer. The trends in breast surgery are toward conservation of a woman’s appearance and minimally invasive surgery to treat cancer.


Hudson Office:
Columbia Memorial Health
71 Prospect Avenue Suite 240
Hudson, NY 12534




I had never had cancer before and was concerned I would not take in all the information Dr. Khera would need to tell me so I had had my husband and sister-in-law (who is a nurse) accompany me to my first appointments. At no time was she put off by their presence. She accepted them warmly and entertained all their questions respectfully as well as mine. She was very thorough and did not rush us through the appointments.

Before making any decisions, I told her I wanted a second opinion. She quickly supported my decision and referred me to a doctor at Sloan Kettering, who agreed with her prognosis. This was very reassuring to me.

Dr. Khera is professional and straightforward with very sensitive information. I appreciated her approach to my treatment and value her care.

Sharon, Saugerties, NY

As a medical professional, I was developing extensive problems with varicose veins over several years.  With ongoing pain, pressure, itching, cramping and episodes of bleeding in my lower legs, it was time to seek advice from a professional who has expertise in Vein Treatment.

I was lucky to have been introduced to Dr. Khera upon her establishing a clinic in Columbia County and conveniently located in Hudson NY.  My treatmnetns started in March 2013.  Everyone in her practice was professional, knowledgeable and displayed confidence with a courteous display of placing patient care and safety first.

After several treatment plans discussed, I am pleased with the comprehensive treatment of my vein disease.  They were able to dignose and treat what had affected not only my quality of life, but interfered with my ability to work, due to many hours of standing required for my job.

The procedures have all been performed in her office, so there are less risks as opposed to treatment that involves hospitalization and general (more extensive) anesthesia.  It is important  to achieve the best outcome with the least risk for the patient (as per Dr. Khera).  She explains exactly what the treatment plan will be and what you can expect. 

Their goal in Vein treatment is to provide the most efficient, compassionate, holistic care for their patients. 

I thank the staff of Dr. Khera Vein Care Center and with an emphasis on their expertise, I highly recommend them highly. 


V…Very best in holistic approach to delivery of care.

E…expertise, effectient, exemplary

I…involved directly with patient care

N…Nonsurgical procedures and treatment done in office.

Cathy, Hudson NY

I first met Dr. Khera a little over five years ago.  At that time, my almost 90 year old mother had a recurrence of breast cancer.  Fifteen years earlier, my mom lost a breast to cancer.  My sister, my daughter and I were aware as to how she had been treated by her surgeon at that time.  It was only after her positive experience with Dr. Khera that we learned of this.  Dr, Khera is a kind, compassionate and thoroughly competent doctor.

In light of my mother’s history and the fact that I too am a cancer survivor, Dr Khera has had me come inevery six months for an examination.  When I kept my December 2012 appointment, Doctor noticed that I had a slight limp.  She asked if I had varicose veins and I showed them to her.  She informed me that there are fairly new procedures that deal with this problem .  We discussed the options.  She set up ultrasound for both my legs.  My right leg was really problematic.  It would ache in humid weather or when I over-did it with my outdoor projects.  Sometimes it was really really painful.  Having had this problem for 40 years, I got used to being in pain.  I was intrigued that it could be all be done at the doctor’s office.  I agreed to the procedure.

Dr. Khera decided to do my right leg since it was more problematic.  Now, speaking as a non-medical person, since my veins were as curly as my hair, the laser method was a no-go.  Instead, Dr. Khera made a series of “pin pricks” after thoroughly numbing my leg and she essentially “deveined” me.  It was over before I knew it.  Recovery was nothing to speak of. 

I did not realize the amount of pain I had been experiencing for all those years until, all of a sudden; there was no more discomfort or pain!

An added benefit is that at my age, 71, my leg looks pretty darn sexy, according to my husband that is. 

Thank you Dr. Khera.

Marie, Highland NY

One year ago I thought I would lose the use of my leg. My Venus doctor at the time told me that my varicose vein problem on my lower left leg was cosmetic. Nothing to worry about. He was wrong. I developed a severe case of lymphedema and that led  to an even worse incident of cellulitis which was an infection of my lymphatic fluids. I was paralyzed last summer. I could not walk. At 79 years of age I thought this was the end. I was cashing out. I finally got the cellulitis under control with massive doses of penicillin. But that did not address the underlying cause of my problems which was lymphedema which was caused by a varicose vein problem. That's where Dr. Khera enters the picture and saved my life. She performed a flawless varicose vein operation and removed every single protruding vein in my lower left leg. Not only has my leg been restored cosmetically to look like my right leg, I am able to walk around, run jump and do everything you might expect a person to do. At 79 years of age it's a miracle. Thank you Dr. Khera.

Dan, Taghkanic, NY

Dr. Samira Khera helped save my life.  Only a few days after finding what turned out to be a cancerous lump in my breast, I was in her office for evaluation and a biopsy.  She took the time to explain everything very clearly throughout the diagnostic procedures that I needed.   It turned out that surgery was necessary to remove the lump.  Dr. Khera’s expertise and compassion for me, as a woman as well as a patient, was evident every step of the way from making the best decisions to pre-operative testing through the actual surgery and post-op recovery.  From the moment I met her I felt that I could trust her and that she would take good care of me.  She and her staff knew the right ways to help me get through some of the most difficult news I have had to bear and they helped me make good decisions that not only saved my life, but preserved as much of my breast as possible during the process.  I have felt very comfortable referring my patients to her for any concerns they have had about their breast health.  Dr. Khera is a talented specialist, with gifted hands and a caring heart.

Karen, Hudson NY

I was referred to Dr. Khera after an abnormal mammogram and ultrasound. She spent the time reviewing all test films with me, making sure that I felt comfortable with the possible diagnosis. As we moved forward through biopsy & surgery, it was Dr. Khera that took the time to explain my options for care and coordinated my treatment plan. When I reached a slight setback in my treatment Dr. Khera spoke with both the radiation oncologist and medical oncologist to find the best way to go for my needs. Thank you Dr. Khera for the dedication and compassion you have for patient care that women need as they face the fear of hearing the diagnosis of brast cancer.

Connie, Walden, NY

To anyone that has to go through the breast cancer scare, go see Dr. Samira Khera! She is very comfortable to speak to and will help you in every way she can!! Thank you.

Ruth, Kingston, NY